Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Sunday

I had mixed feelings about the big game today. I am glad the Giants won--because I like underdog teams winning when they aren't supposed to--but my husband is bummed because he was routing for the Patriots. He already argued with my mother about it--so at least both sides feel that their argument has been voiced, but I am quite neutral. I was happy with the commercials--they were good--but not amazing. I really enjoyed the Carmax commercials--nice touch on the scary gladiator-like character and witch doctor.

More importantly, today Mike and I opened up our long-awaited gift from my good friend and ex-roomie Julianne. She and my friend Ali have been excited about this gift for months--but unfortunately have been able to revel with us since Jooj accidentally left it in her shoebox room in Oxford, England.

Well here you go--the moment has come. We are now Laird and Lady Ratelle! They got us a lairdship, in Scotland! We now own a square foot of land in Scotland, making us legitimate landowners and giving us access to some outdoor Scottish retreat. Take that Diana Gabaldon! (just kidding...I love her books)

So, I don't really know where you get the Laird or Lady giftbox, apparently in some cool spot in rural England, but what a hoot! I happen to have a strong affinity for all things Scottish, especially any clan/Highland/romance/kilt-wearing/ sporran - toting elements. Two words. Jaime Fraser.

I picture us owning something modest like this little castle to the right--when in reality I know we essentially have the right to a mailbox plot.
Oh well, one can dream.

We also had the chance this weekend to see the Peking Acrobats at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake. Now, I have seen from those scary Olympic featurettes that the Chinese aren't kidding around about gymnastics. I saw them bending the tiny limbs of those bunned little girls. But these people were insane! In fact, hubbie was mentioning the Ocean movies and the "grease man" as the only Asian acrobat he was familiar with. Come to find out, from the sadly misspelled program, that these folks were the "troupe" he came from in the movie. They jumped and balanced chairs and tables and people and generally defied the commonly agreed on rules of physics. It was pretty fun--well--pretty fun for a work event. Now, if only I could expect so much fun and death-defying antics for the morning commute. Unlikely.

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julianne rose said...

oh brit i'm so excited you liked the gift. :) haha - i saw it and had to get it immediately. i can't think there's anyone in the world who would appreciate it as much as you!

happy christmas, lady ratelle.