Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Wrap-up

So...any aliens that happend to tune it to ABC last night between six and ten might think that Americans love films in languages they can't understand and fully support giving lavish awards to people who already are rich and lavished...while watching series of montages about previous events where they gave awards to people who are rich and lavished. What a great day for our nation. But, I guess the brutal Nielsen ratings leave little doubt as to how the tpyical American feels about the European-obscure-movie award gala...but the red carpet parade was still fun to watch, albeit with no serious fashion faux-pas.

I loved the "red" theme that many have commented on, especially since it might be signaling the end of the all too-fleshy colored blush era that seemed to dominate fabrics for the last few years. Please, I know as actresses you are sometimes naked--and many see it--but I would rather see some vibrant hue than guess as where Versace starts and your epidermis ends.

I liked the famous Coke-heart dress (now those two are interesting bedfellows...healthy living for women, and a sugar caffeine-laced soda...interesting) that Heidi Klum sported. The neck collar is a bit much, but I like the silhouette. Well, what silhouetter wouldn't look good on Heidi Klum, I don't know. You would have to ask my 21-year-old brother, and he would probably only be able to let out a male murmur at the sight of her. I think Helen Mirren can only be matched in classines with Judi Dench--so I was happy to see her again in a very pretty red dress with silver lacy sleeves--very chic.

I also liked the "little black dresses" trend, although I do not believe that so many women chose that color because they were in mourning for the writer's strike. I believe that some of them would happily speak of the suffering of their colleagues "craft" under corporate managment and the injustices heaped upon the word-artist proletariate--right up until their studio car drives them to their big plushy AC trailer to shoot another movie for a ridiculous sum of money. Viva la revolucion.

I, unlike most, don't always love Hillary Swank's outfits, mostly because I find her display of teeth unnerving at times, but I did love her off-the-shoulder number last night.

I also liked Jennifer Gardner's black dress, even though I don't usually love the mermaid style either (what a night for me to branch out...look how accepting I am.) I just love her...ever since the dorm days of late-night Alias sessions, wishing Sydney Bristow on as she battles bad people who never seem to die and friends who always do. I thought she did a great job in Juno, and loved that she was honest about how not all of her movies how gotten such critical acclaim. Hey--I thought Electra was breaking new ground...

So, now, for the fun part. The poorly dressed--the ones, as John Stuart so candidly put it--we say disparaging remarks about during commercial breaks. Kind of slim pickins' to be perfectly swans or large taffeta bows threatening to invade neighboring airspace. But, here are my fav worsts from the night.

Now...DDL (Daniel Day-Lewis) is brilliant in anything he is in and can play a bumbling Victorian suitor as easily as a Kentucky Native American adoptee, but he is weird. Weird. And, why would his partner be any different. So, I'm not too shocked that he shows up to the Oscars in a suit with some burnished piping, brown leather boots, pierced ears, with his partner in a busy ribbon tied-sundial jewled damask dress with Wizard of Oz shoes. Interesting choices all around, but then again, where would middle America be without celebritites to idolize and terrorize?

And then we have Arag--I mean--Viggo Mortensen.

Yes, the living King of Gondor, in a stolen Bolshevik jacket and a matching Russian beard. He looked ancient. And considering that he doesn't go to awards ceremonies that much (try, never the three times LOTR won multiple awards!), I think he could have made a bit more effort. But, then again, he is "eclectic" and probably "fierce", and doesn't even own a TV, so being just handsome and dashing, or even sexy-scary like in Eastern Promises, just won't do for real life. Go figure. Last time I checked this was not Anastasia and there were no dancing bears or painted branch out.

Overall, the event was interesting to watch, especially while consuming spoonfuls of cookie dough while lounging on a couch, but the writing could have better. Blame it on the writer's strike, blame it on a growing rift between blockbusters movies and those with critical acclaim, but let's hope next year brings up a little more "oomph."

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julianne rose said...

i think they need to hire you as a writer for next year's ceremony. honesty brit you are so stinkin' hilarious! hahaha. love your blog. it makes me miss you that much more. :)