Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Holiday with Yoshi

Our good hometown buddy Chris visited last week (well, he was really visiting his fiance, but we like to think he was excited to see us too) and we had a good time doing all kinds of stuff.

Here the boys are looking up guns....sorry Chris, I mean "weapons".

Here is Jess with Chris's hot insulated pants at our quasi-campout. It was a lot colder than anticipated, hence the snow. Note to self - make sure there isn't any more snow before ascending to the mountains and planning to spend the night in tents.

Our campsite, the one area not covered in snow, but still covered in horse poo. Excellent.


Hubby and I in smoky hoodies.

Chris and Tiff - cute!

Not so cute....no, it just took several shots to get Mike D out of the photo..shocker.

Us at the shooting range with Chris's new gun, a Glock .40.

Tiff shooting. With a little guidance from our neighborly West Point Cadet.

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