Monday, March 2, 2009

Interesting study on childhood reading and house orderliness

From Slate...I confess I find their science and life sections addicting.

Essentially it finds a link between an orderly house and reading ability, even when socioeconomic status is controlled for. Personally, I believe the theory that you don't get to the nice cuddly reading sessions unless you can do the basics like have a clear couch or chair on which to cuddle.


Snaps to my own Mom always had a lot of books around and had an organized house -- I hope to be a mere shadow of that someday.

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Maggie said...

Brittany, I know you probably don't have time for fun reading right now, but I am reading a book called "Outliers" that you would find very interesting. It discusses the individual factors that cause someone to be successful. Very interesting and quick read for some day when you aren't so busy. We will have to have you two up some time soon. We haven't seen you for awhile!